Ausar Consulting, Inc. is a management consulting company founded in 2002 by Calvin Kennedy as a project of the ministry /religious order, Sons of Ra Ministries / Sacred Order of the Sons of Ra. This foundation provides the creativity and insight to model a consultancy that aligns with the emerging qualities and opportunities inherent to our challenging yet dynamic times.

Our cornerstone consulting practices of Systems Integration, IT Strategy and Program/Project Management have been augmented by the Emerging Economy Practice™ and the Biz Development Practice™, which includes Genesis Marketing™, to create a more complete and holistic management consulting business model.  This is the result of more than a decade of collaboration, education, capacity building and strategic alliances.  Thus we are able to confidently say that we have created the management consulting model for the 21st Century and beyond.

The new business paradigm calls for consulting partners who are able to adapt and provide leadership into the future. We have been successful in our work with the Fortune 500 and community-based nonprofits alike. In all cases we provide the same level of exceptional service. Whether engaged within our core foundational practice or the practices of the new paradigm, our clients can count upon our commitment to the Ausar PIE as an assurance of success. These three ingredients - Professionalism, Integrity & Expertise - represent our company's philosophy and it is the foundation upon which all of our consulting engagements are built. We are committed to your business as we are not successful unless you are.