System Implementation Methodology

The System Implementation Methodology consists of a complete list of templates and tools that provide a practical roadmap through the system development lifecycle. The Ausar Method™ for System Implementation presents an approach that is streamlined and logical in its application. The deliverables and tools defined as part of the system lifecycle are relevant, useful and applicable to their respective phase – Planning, Analysis, Build, Validation, Transition and Go-Live – of the system implementation. This methodology is based on real world implementations and as a result the focus is to communicate a clear, concise yet complete set of deliverables to the appropriate audience – whether executive or operational, functional or technical, implementation or support – while at the same time eliminating unnecessary redundancy. Like Oracle AIM, this methodology is designed to support software application implementations. The Ausar Method™ for System Implementation, however, also provides for the flexibility that enables its use for custom system implementations as well.


Application Selection Methodology

The Application Selection Methodology provides a step-by-step roadmap through the sometimes daunting process of selecting a software application that is best suited for an organization’s unique business requirements. The Ausar Method™ for Application Selection consists of four phases: Planning, Requirements, Vendor Analysis, and Selection. We ensure that the right questions are asked and answered thus giving the assurance to our client that the most appropriate choice is identified. Approximately thirty templates comprise the Application Selection Methodology spanning from Requirements, RFI documents and Evaluation Metrics to Vendor Interview, Vendor Rejection and Recommendation templates.


Project Tools & Forms

Central to a well managed project are the tools and forms that provide for tracking the status of key tasks and issues along with timely and accurate communication to executives and project team members. This important aspect of a successful project delivery is provided by the Ausar Method™ Project Tools & Forms. These project tools complement the other methodologies by providing key information to the right people as well as enhancing the Project Manager’s effectiveness. Here also, the emphasis is on practical real world application by tracking that which is relevant and serves to move the project forward in the right manner. These tools, the methodologies along with the commitment, professionalism and expertise of Ausar Consulting are what allow us to ensure consistent project success.