The Ausar Consulting Biz Development Practice™ provides our clients with the strategy, management and insights to move an organization or concept to the next levels.  Our commitment is to bring innovative approaches and solutions to the fundamental areas of business and organizational development.  Our Genesis Marketing™ and Business Strategy & Structuring offerings serve to fulfill the goal of taking our clients to the next levels of their success.


Genesis Marketing

Genesis Marketing™ describes our practice for taking a concept or opportunity from its infancy stage (the idea) to ultimate deployment in the marketplace or civil society.  Whether it is a specific program for an existing organization or a start-up venture, Ausar Consulting will provide the leadership to fruitfully bring it forward.


The fundamental steps of developing and executing marketing strategies and programs are essential to the overall success of an organization.  All aspects of the organization must be taken into consideration.  This calls for a consulting partner that is able to offer direction and support in the varied disciplines and areas of expertise necessary for an organization’s success.  Areas such as financing, organizational development, capacity building, business operations, information technology and customer support are areas of focus in our commitment to excellence and leadership for our Genesis Marketing™ clients.


This service offering has its origins and impetus within our relationship to the Golden Thread Network™.  Ausar Consulting is a founding member of the Golden Thread Network™, which is an association created for the purpose of identifying, initiating and bringing to fruition economically viable business ventures as well as social initiatives for the civil society.  Ausar Consulting has the first right of refusal of the role of Managing Partner for projects that are brought through this private membership association.




Our Business Strategy & Structuring service is designed for those clients that have an existing business or business idea and are in need of specific services that are limited in scope in comparison to the requirements of our Genesis Marketing™ clients.  Sometimes all that is required to get to the next step is strategic direction and guidance.


Here the client can cherry pick as is necessary based on their unique requirements.  Our professionals offer services that include business plan development, marketing plans and organizational development.


Our AMP Education™ provides a comprehensive education service in the area of asset management and protection for business enterprises.  This is an often overlooked area that should be part of the initial planning when embarking on a new business venture or enterprise.