The term “emerging economy” is often considered synonymous with “emerging markets”, which is defined as nations of the developing world that are experiencing above average economic growth. While the emerging markets of the developing world do represent an important focus for our consulting practice, the Emerging Economy Practice™ of Ausar Consulting specifically describes a consulting model that aligns with the new modalities, practices and opportunities inherent to our dynamically changing society. Times of great transition – which will be the case for decades to come – demand that we are cognizant and attentive; the Emerging Economy Practice™ is created with this understanding in mind. There are opportunities… certain business and social models will need to adapt to new societal and environmental realities. The Emerging Economy Practice™ answers this call by building a consultancy on the foundation of this emerging paradigm and this paradigm represents a new world.


Ausar Consulting’s collaboration with thought leaders – organizations and individuals – in the area of the new and emerging world paradigm has greatly contributed to our being a valuable resource in this vital area. We have created strategic alliances with leading civil society organizations that are dedicated to researching, advocating and hosting forums on areas such as the new economy, sustainable business/societal models, innovative technology and practices. This has allowed us to identify and create partnerships that can serve in the exploration, planning, development and implementation of programs or development projects in the areas of the emerging economy.


The Emerging Economy Practice™ provides the management consulting model for a world that has emerged into a new paradigm. Specific pillars of service for this practice include, but are not limited to, Community Development & Vitalization, Green Economy, Health & Wellness and Complementary Currencies. We have an opportunity to create a brighter and more prosperous tomorrow by aligning with the new emerging qualities and areas of service. The service offerings comprising the Emerging Economy Practice™ are directed towards collaboration between and meeting the unique requirements of business, government and the civil society; thus creating a balanced win-win-win scenario.