Ausar Consulting offers superior Program/Project Management.  Here we emphasize both program and project management because while they share many of the same qualities there are distinct differences.  Whereas a project is generally for a distinct duration with fixed deliverables and timelines; a program encompasses much more as it is tied to the organization’s strategic objectives and can include multiple simultaneous projects for an ongoing initiative.  For these key initiatives it is vital to have a consulting partner who can be counted upon and trusted to provide the leadership, expertise and commitment necessary to ensure success.  There are five major areas which must be considered and addressed for successful program management:


   1. Governance


    2. Management


    3. Finances


    4. Infrastructure


    5. Planning



Our Ausar Certified PMs have the qualities, experience and know how to give you, the client, peace of mind and confidence no matter how large or complex your program happens to be.  Our resources are knowledgeable and experienced with popular system implementation methodologies such as Oracle AIM, Rational Unified Process, Waterfall Method and, our own, Ausar Method™.   This knowledge and expertise extends to portfolio management tools, such as Clarity, collaboration tools such as Sharepoint and, of course, Microsoft Projects.


While it is important to have the technical knowledge and skills necessary to manage and implement a large project or program, it is even more important to understand the intangibles of what makes a complex initiative successful.  This is where Ausar Consulting excels.  We are attentive to the unseen and unused resources available for an organization, the hidden opportunities as well as potential pitfalls.  It is our practice to always strive to see, know and do what is most appropriate at a given time and for a given situation to ensure success.  This requires attention to what is often considered to be the hidden aspects of a program/project.


This means that we are attentive to the personal dynamics present due to the individuals involved or assigned to the program/project as well as the unique corporate culture of our client.  We listen to the various stakeholders and create an environment of open communication and dialogue.  From the executive suite to the shop floor we see this ongoing and continuous feedback as being necessary to staying on track.  Nothing could be worse than expertly delivering an excellent project which does not truly meet the needs or requirements of the organization.  Thus it is through this attention and intention that Ausar Consulting is able to distinguish itself as a premier consulting partner.


A major program can involve developing new technology, installing a new state-of-the-art system, reengineering an enterprise, implementing quality assurance and/or performance/cost improvement.  Ausar Consulting does take into consideration all that is necessary to initiate, plan, control, implement and deliver a major program.  Together with the client we will address those activities which are applicable to their specific needs and requirements.  The following provides a list of activities that may be applicable to your program:



  •      - Strategic Planning
  •     - Organizational design and staffing
  •     - Budget administration and procurement
  •     - Risk assessment and issues management
  •     - Project(s) metrics and performance
  •     - Contracts administration
  •     - Vendor management
  •     - Technical support liaison
  •     - Methodology and process support
  •     - Stakeholder training
  •     - Communications and stakeholder feedback
  •     - Status reporting to management
  •     - Partnership building with stakeholders in government, private sector and civil society
  •     - Community outreach and public relations


We are able to offer a wide range of services to both the public and private sector, for profit and nonprofits alike.  We help clients with technical programs, operational programs, research programs and policy / programmatic issues.  Whether your business is large or small, seemingly simple or complex, Ausar Consulting is your partner of choice.