Ausar Consulting provides Staffing Services to augment our client staff by either making temporary or permanent placements.   Our Staffing Services covers the following areas:

Executive Staffing
The Ausar Consulting Executive Staffing service is designed to provide the right match for our clients based upon your requirements for professionals in various industries.  We get to know and take into account our client’s unique corporate culture as well as what our candidates are seeking from an employer.  Although the technical requirements are important, we understand that the “right fit” requires much more than that.  We are able to provide a wide range of professionals for various industries.  The following lists our areas of focus and expertise:

  • - CIO's
- IT Directors - Technical Developers
  • - CFO's
- Practice Directors - Business Analysts
  • - COO's
- Project Managers - Accountants/CPA



Support Services
Companies and IT Departments can find it challenging to respond to the constantly changing technology needs and initiatives if relying upon internal staff alone.  Ausar Consulting is a leader in acquiring the required strategic skills in a timely and cost-effective manner.  The selection of the right partner in this area cannot be overemphasized.  Whether staffing for mission-critical systems, day-to-day operations or temporary assignments, the right consulting partner will provide you with resources that demonstrate professionalism, expertise and integrity. Ausar Consulting is that partner.

  • - Oracle Business Analysts
- PeopleSoft Business Analysts - SAP Business Analysts
  • - Oracle Technical Developers
- Siebel Business Analysts - Java Developers
  • - Oracle DBAs
- CMMS Business Analysts - Microsoft ASP/.NET Developers


Offshore Services
In today’s competitive marketplace it becomes necessary to maximize cost effectiveness.  Offshore technical services does often present itself as being the most expedient opportunity to cut cost while also meeting company objectives.  Ausar Consulting is well suited as your offshore consulting partner.  We have over 300 technical resources at our affiliate company in Hyderabad, India who offer a wide range of technical skills applicable to your company’s IT requirements.



There are many challenges and potential pitfalls to working with offshore service providers. It is important to have a partner who understands the environment and knows how to navigate the terrain while still providing the highest level of service and client commitment.  The most common pitfall to working with an offshore service provider is that quality can sometimes suffer.  This can result in potential savings being lost as much more time is committed than was originally anticipated.  The following are important keys to successful offshore technical services:

  •    - Strong management team in place at the offshore center.
  •    - Good resources with a high retention rate.
  •    - Project Managers in the client country who are well versed in managing offshore technical resources.
  •    - Clear procedures and technical documentation.
  •    - Good communication and responsive feedback on both sides.
  •    - Complete program unit testing by developers.
  •    - Thorough user acceptance testing and signoff.


The senior staff of Ausar Consulting have been working with offshore technical services and resources since the early 1990s.  We are well versed and proven with regards to the ins and outs and the subtle nuances to ensuring successful client engagements.  So whether it is a complete project or just a portion of a project, Ausar Consulting is the partner that can place your mind at ease.  The following are some of the services that we offer through our Offshore Services:

  • - Oracle E-Business Technical Developers
- Java Developers
  • - Oracle Custom Application Developers
- Microsoft ASP/.NET Developers
  • - Oracle DBAs (E-Business Suite & Custom)
- SQL Server DBAs