Often times an organization will require specific assistance and direction with regards to key areas of their business.  The Strategy Services offering from Ausar Consulting are designed to address certain specific requirements related to Information Technology and Business Operations.  Our Strategy Services has as its focus three primary areas of service:


Business IT Alignment
For quite some time academics, consultants and CIOs have identified the lack of alignment between IT and business strategies as being one of the more pervasive problems that they have sought to address.  Ausar Consulting bridges the business-IT gap through our Business IT Alignment service offering.  We start by understanding the relationship dynamics within the organization and how expectations may differ.  We ask how well is IT integrated with company goals.  Getting the technical and business people to start seeing from the same vantage point is a common challenge; now this becomes an opportunity for growth as we address this disconnect.  Then we are able set priorities for projects, develop the necessary skills and integrate systems with corporate strategy.

The best practices for Business IT Alignment speak to six areas which must be

evaluated when addressing a company’s current state of strategic alignment:

     1. Communications Maturity

     2. Competency/Value Measurement Maturity

     3. Governance Maturity

     4. Partnership Maturity

     5. Scope & Architecture Maturity

     6. Skills Maturity


Ausar Consulting will walk you through this process of Business IT Alignment.  By the end of this assessment you, the client, will have a clear picture of where you are and a roadmap to where you need to be.

Business Process Improvement
One of the greatest opportunities for Business Process Improvement is when an organization is in the throes of implementing a new ERP System.  Implementing a new ERP System offers the opportunity to look for legacy business processes that can be dramatically improved.  Redundant and unnecessary processes can be eliminated by taking advantage of new system functionality thereby improving overall business operations.  All too often, however, many organizations lose this opportunity for improvement and simply seek to fit the old business model to the new system.

Ausar Consulting as your Systems Integration Partner will provide the opportunity for Business Process Improvement as part of an ERP System implementation or upgrade.  We do understand, however, that it is not always feasible to perform Business Process Improvement as part of a system implementation.  Sometimes the time constraints and project deadlines do not allow for it.  Moreover, Business Process Improvement is much larger in scope and impact than even what an ERP System encompasses for an organization.  Thus our methodology for Business Process Improvement is flexible enough to be done as part of an ERP System or it can be done completely outside of an ERP System by looking for areas of improving basic business operations and to lean out the organization.

The following provides the phases of a Business Process Improvement project:

          1 Evaluation & Integration

             2Business Process Baselining

                3 Business Process Visualization

                  4Business Process Re-Design
                     4New Business Process Deployment


When you are ready to take these significant steps to improving your organization’s business processes, the consulting partner you choose will be integral to the overall success of the initiative.  Ausar Consulting is the partner that will lead the way.

Software Application Selection
When it has become clear that a new software application is required to meet a company’s strategic objectives, what is not always so clear is which application should be selected.  There are a myriad of choices available and it can be a daunting task and responsibility to ensure the right choice.  At times the choice may involve selecting a complete enterprise solution; at other times a “best of breed” application to meet specific objectives is more appropriate.  Whether our clients are seeking to implement a complete ERP System or the best software application to support Supply Chain, CRM, HCM or some other business operation, Ausar Consulting will walk you through the process in a manner that assures that the best and most appropriate selection has been made for your organization.

Our Application Selection Methodology provides the tools and techniques that capture the business objectives and ask the right questions of the potential vendor solutions.  We will provide the leadership to guide you through the following four phases:


     1. Planning

     2. Requirements

     3. Vendor Analysis

     4. Selection


When you need to make the important choice of selecting the most appropriate software application which meets your business objectives as well as evolves with your organization, don’t go it alone.  Ausar Consulting is the consulting partner that will see you through.